Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I like dogs\puppys cats amarican aligators snakes well lots of things. I rode a horse once.

this is my brother posting. 

wierdo quarter

Just so you know MMMMM means its my post and LLLLL means my brother is posting and AAAAA means my younger sister is posting. But it is very rare that AAAAA posts.

Just the other day my little sister decided to play a coin game. I was her victim. So I went along with it not knowing of the fate ahead of me. so I guessed and I was wrong so whats the big deal. I'll tell you what the big deal is. the big deal is that every time I guessed I got it wrong. Until I got a heads right but that's another story.

what I do at school

  1. pledge of allegiance
  2. hang up backpacks
  3.  attendance
  4. blends- cl bl fl gl str st
  5. sentience problems
  6. chant 
  7. site words
  8. morning work
  9. recess
  10.  work
  11. lunch
  12. recess
  13. work
  14. specialists- PE music library 
  15.  silent reading-read to self
  16. chant
  17. work
  18. pack up clean up
  19. bus
  20. home